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Project Four - Portugal

Project Three - Ile Aux Vaches

Portugal is filled with everything from some of the biggest waves on the planet, world class beach breaks, Pastéis and even some remote magical outer point breaks. Sometimes all you have to do is jump in the camper and go in search of them.

Project Two - Skeleton Bay

Thomas Traversa goes back to his roots for Project Three. Joined by Boujmaa Guilloul we all travelled to the North Western tip of France and scored one of the best possible sessions in Thomas' home country. We're all incredible stoked to have Bridgestone tyres supporting this new journey.

Project Two - Skeleton Bay

Project Two took us to the Namibian desert in search of a 1km perfectly peeling wave. With a crew of Thomas Traversa, Camille Juban, Flo Jung and Leon Jamaer we set off with a couple of 4x4's filled with windsurfing and camera gear to document everything we discovered. 

Project One - Nazaré 

Project One developed as a bit of a pilot for The Windsurf Project with a bit of background to Thomas and our goal. Nazaré is a notorious big wave spot in Portugal and has become one of Europes famous big wave locations. After a few years of closely watching the intricate forecasts, it finally happened. Thomas Traversa packed up the van and headed to Portugal from his home in France. 

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